I pride myself in my listening, negotiating and match-making skills. I've been selling real estate in the top offices of Marin County for nine years.  I am proud to be affiliated with state-of-the-art Marin Modern Real Estate, leading the way in clean, technology savvy real estate practice.  Protecting the environment helps to protect our precious views!!

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Do you prefer an expansive water view, or rolling hills, a golf course, vineyards or a lush, cool forest?


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Muriel Ballard

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In conjunction with Marin Modern Real Estate we have all the information you need to choose where you'd like to settle.

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Mention this page and I will donate 10% of my commission to the charity or school of your choice.  My preferred organization is the NRDC.

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Found some places you are interested in? Use my name to log in to CleanOffer  (agent invitation only).  See all of the images on one page, in a larger format. 

Excellence and  Conscience in Home Sales.