Who I Am...

Like you, I love a great view.  After nine years selling real estate I decided to spend my time doing what I love best, looking at beautiful Marin from the vantage point of great homes! 


Every week I tour property on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  It's my quest to see as many view homes as I can get to.  Let me save you the time of driving all over creation.  Simply tell me what you want to see from your home, and what you want your home to feel like, and I'll pair you with the best property for your needs.

My Philosophy

I sell spaces for people with vision. Your home is not just the place you sleep and eat, it is your haven, a source of inspiration, financial security and, hopefully, lots of happiness. And GREAT VIEWS!  I'll handle all the complex matters so that you can enjoy the process of buying your home, or selling one to get to that next best view! 


Muriel Ballard

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